Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Details of Barisal District

Background, Geographic Area and Location: Barisal zila is comprised of the former Barisal Sadar South and Barisal Sadar North subdivisions of the former greater Barisal zila. Barisal zila was created in 1983. There is hearsay about the name of the Barisal zila. It is generally believed that in the remote past this area was famous for big salt godown which was locally known as Barisalt. Over the passage of time the name of the area was transformed into Barisal. It is bounded on the north by Madaripur, Shariatpur and Chandpur zilas, on the east by Lakshmipur and Bhola zilas, on the south by Patuakhali and Barguna zilas and on the west by Gopalganj, Pirojpur and Jhalokati zilas. It lies between 22° 27' and 22° 52' north latitudes and between 90° 01' and 90° 43' east longitudes. The total area of the zila is 2784.52 sq. km. of which 160.38 sq. km. is riverine.

Temperature and Rainfall: Annual average temperature - maximum 35.1°C, minimum 12.1°C and rainfall 1955 mm.

Noted Rivers: LOWER MEGHNA, ARIAL KHAN, KATCHA, KIRTANKHOLA, TENTULIA, Naya Bhanga, Jayanti, Shwarupkathi and Amtali.

Administration: Bakerganj disrict was established in 1797. Later on it was renamed as Barisal zila. Barisal was declared a division on 1 January, 1993. The area of the town is 16.37 sq km. Barisal municipality was established in 1957 and was turned into a city corporation in 2000. The zila consists of 10 upazilas, 85 unions, 1086 mauzas, 1204 villages, 5 paurashavas, 1 City Corporation, 75 wards and 129 mahallas. The upazilas are AGAILJHARA, BABUGANJ, BAKERGANJ, BANARIPARA, GOURNADI, HIZLA, BARISAL SADAR, MEHENDIGANJ, MULADI, WAZIRPUR.

Archaeological Heritage and Relics: Rammohan Samadhi Mandir, Sujabad Kella, Sangram Kella, Sharkal Fort, Girja Mahalla, Bell's Park, Ebadullah Mosque, Kasai Mosque, Oxford Church, Shankar Math, Kali Bari of Mukunda Das, Joint Mosque at Bhatikhana, ASWINI KUMAR TOWN HALL, Charkella, DURGASAGAR Dighi, one domed Mosque (Kasba), brass image of Manasa weighing three maunds (Char Bania Bari).

Historical Events: Ancient name of Barisal was CHANDRADVIPA. The capital of this kingdom was at Bakla. The founder of the kingdom was Danuj Madhav or Danuj Mardhan Dev.

Marks of the War of Liberation: Mass killing site 3, mass grave 2, sculpture 2, memorial 4.

Main Crops: Paddy, jute, oil seed, betel leaf, onion, sugarcane.

Main Fruits: Mango, jackfuit, banana, coconut, litchi, betel nut, black berry, guava, amra.

Traditional Transport: Palanquin, horse carriage, bullock cart, Gaina boat. These means of transport are either extinct or nearly extinct.