Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Feni District

Map Courtesy: Local Governments Engineering Department (LGED) Bangladesh

Basic Information

Feni District (Chittagong division) with an area of 928.34 sq km, is bounded by comilla district and Tripura (India) on the north, noakhali and chittagong districts on the south, Tripura State of India on the east, Noakhali district on the west. Annual average temperature maximum 34.3 oC, minimum 14.4 oC, annual rainfall 3302 mm. Main rivers are feni, Little Feni and muhuri.

Feni At a Glance

Area: 928 Km2
Upazila Road: 239.45 Km
Union Road: 376.53 Km
Village Road: 800.71 Km VA
1858.91 Km VB
Population: 12,05,980
Density: 1299.07 per Km2
Literacy: 64 %
Upazilas: 6
Union: 43
Pourashavas: 5
Primary Schools: 528
High Schools: 155
Colleges: 21


Feni Sadar