Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Details of Bandarban District

Background, Geographic Area and Location: Bandarban was originally a sub-division of Chittagong Hill Tracts zila. It was up-graded to a zila in 1981. In the remote past the present place of the zila headquarters was abound with a large number of monkeys. The monkeys of this place used to cross the adjacent canal every day forming a chain like line over the canal in quest of fruits in the adjoining forest and returned to the same place in the same manner. The formation of chain like line by monkeys drew the attention of the Mugh who used to term it in their own language moksey. In Bengali Mok means Bandars and sey means Bandh, i.e. Bandars Bandh. It is bounded on the north by Rangamati zila, on the east by Rangamati zila and Myanmar, on the south by Myanmar and on the west by Chittagong and Cox’s azar zilas. It lies between 21° 11' and 22° 22' north latitudes and between 92° 04' and 92° 41' east longitudes. The total area of the zila is 4,479.01 sq. km. (1729.00 sq.miles) of which 2653.54 is under forest.
Bandarban mostly consists of forests and hills. The four major mountain ranges of the zila are the Meranja, Wailatong, Tambang and Politai. Bagakain or Baga Lake is notable.

Main Rivers: Shankha (Sangu), Matamuhuri and BAKKHALI.

Temperature and Rainfall: Annual average temperature- maximum 34.6°C, minimum 13°C and rainfall 3031 mm.

Administration: Bandarban zila was established in 1983. The area of Bandarban town is 51.80 sq km. The zila consists of 7 upazilas, 30 unions, 96 mauzas, 1554 villages, 2 paurashavas, 18 wards and 105 mahallas. The upazilas are BANDARBAN SADAR, ROWANGCHHARI, RUMA, THANCHI, LAMA, ALIKADAM, and NAIKHONGCHHARI.

Historical Events: The British rulers declared Bandarban as a forest zone because of its vast forest area devoid of human settlement. The Arakanese were permanently settled in Bandarban after the British ascendancy in Arakan.


Main Crops: Paddy, mustard, cotton, tobacco, vegetables.

Main Fruits: Banana, pineapple, jackfruit, orange, papaya.