Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Details of Thakurgaon District

Background, Geographic Area and Location: Thakurgaon, the Barandra zila is situtated on the northern part of Bangladesh. Nothing is definitely known about the origin of the zila name. It is learnt that there lived an influential Thakur family meaning Hindu priest in the locality and it is generally believed that the zila name might have derived from the above title as Thakurgaon. It is bounded on the north by Panchagarh zila, on the east by Dinajpur zila, on the south and on the west by India. It lies between 25º 44' and 26º 19' north latitudes and between 88º 44' and 88º 39' east longitudes. The total area of the zila is 1781.74 sq. km (687.00 sq. miles) of which 6.43 sq. km is reverine and 9.06 sq. km. is under forest.

Annual Average Temperature: Maximum 33.5°C, minimum 10.5°C; annual rainfall 2536 mm.

Main Rivers: TANGON, PUNARBHABA, NAGAR, Pathari, Talma, Kulic, DHEPA.

Administration: Thakurgaon subdivision was established in 1860 and was turned into a zila in 1984. The zila consists of 5 upazilas, 51 unions, 636 mauzas, 641 villages, 3 paurashavas, 30 wards and 59 mahallas. The upazilas are BALIADANGI, HARIPUR, PIRGANJ, RANISANKAIL and THAKURGAON SADAR.

Archaeological Heritage and Relics: Residence of Raja Tonkanath (Malduar), Rajbari of Raja Jagendra Narayan, Rajbari of Raja Ganesh, Jagadal Rajbari, Bangla Garh, Sangaon Shahi Mosque, Fatehpur Mosque, Jamalpur Mosque, tomb of Syed Nasir Uddin, tomb of Pir Sheikh Sirajuddin, tomb of Hazrat Adam (R), Govinda Jeo Mandir (eighteenth century), Shiva Mandir at Haripur Rajbari, Goraksanath Mandir, Katihar Hat Shyamrai Mandir, Ramrai Dighi, Khunia Dighi, Adhar Dighi, Shapla Dighi and Rani Dighi.

Marks of the War of Liberation: Mass killing site 4, mass grave 6.

Main Crops: Paddy, wheat, potato, sugarcane, pulses, brinjal, patal and other vegetables. Extinct or nearly extinct crops are jute, barley, kalai, kaun, arahar and aus paddy.

Main Fruits: Mango, jackfruit, papaya, litchi, watermelon and banana.

Traditional Transport: Palanquin (extinct), horse carriage and bullock cart (nearly extinct), boat.

Main Exports Items: Paddy, rice, potato, pulses, vegetables, mango, jackfruit, sugar, watermelon.