Sunday, May 12, 2013

Details of Netrokona District

Background, Geographic Area and Location: Netrokona was one of the sub-divisions of former Mymensingh zila. It was turned into zila on the 1st February, 1984. It is not known how the name Netrokona came into existence.The zila is bounded on the north by India, on the east by Sunamganj zila, on the south by Kishoreganj zila and on the west by Mymensingh zila. The total area of the zila is 2794.28 sq. km. (1078.00 sq.miles) of which sq.miles) is under forest. The zila lies between 24° 34' and 25° 12' north latitudes and between 90° 00' and 91° 07' east longitudes.

Annual Average Temperature: Maximum 33.3°C and minimum 12°C. Total rainfall is 2174 mm.

Main Rivers: Someshwari, Kangsha, Magra, Dhanu, Dhala, Teorkhali.

Administration: Netrokona subdivision was established in 1882 and was turned into a zila in 1984. It is a municipal town with an area of 13.63 sq km. The zila consists of 10 upazilas, 86 unions, 1537 mauzas, 2282 villages, 5 paurashavas, 45 wards and 140 mahallas.The upazilas are ATPARA, BARHATTA, DURGAPUR, KHALIAJURI, KALMAKANDA, KENDUA, MADAN, MOHANGANJ, NETROKONA SADAR and PURBADHALA.

Archaeological Heritage and Relics: Roail Bari Fort at Kendua, Khoja dighi (pond), palace of Maharaja at Susang Durgapur, dighi of Kamol Rani, Buddhist Math at Krishnapur of Atpara and the archaeological relics of Salki Matikata.

Historical Events: During the British rule peasant revolt, Pagalpanthi revolt, Tonk and Tebhaga movements took place in the zila. The leaders of the Swadeshi Movement killed Balak Saha of Village Borail in 1913 and Zamindar Mallick Bahadur of village Sahildeo in 1930 and looted their wealth. The three day All India Peasant Conference was held in Nagara of the zila head quarters in 1945.

Marks of War of Liberation: Mass killing site 4, memorial 4.

Main Crops: Paddy, jute, wheat, mustard seed and potato.

Main Fruits: Jackfruit, mango, banana, lemon, coconut, papaya, palm.

Traditional Transport: Palanquin, bullock cart, horse carriage, elephant, keraya boat.

Main Exports: Fish, leather and egg.