Sunday, May 12, 2013

Details of Narail District

Background, Geographic Area and Location: Narail was a sub-division of former Jessore zila. It was upgraded to zila in 1984. Nothing is definitely known about the origin of the zila name. It is believed that the zila was named Narail after the name of the Zamindar family popularly known as Narail family. The zila is bounded on the north by Magura zila, on the east by Faridpur and Gapalganj zilas. on thesouth by Khulna and Bagerhat zilas and on the westy by Jessore zila. It lies between 23° 02' and 23° 19' north Latitudes and between 89° 23' and 89° 48' east longitudes. The total area of the zila is 967.99 (373.00 sq. miles)

Annual Average Temperature: Maximum 37.1°C, minimum 11.2°C; annual rainfall 1467 mm.


There are many beels and baors most noted of which are Chachuri Beel.

Narail (Town) stands on the bank of the Chitra River. The town has one rest house and one dakbungalow.

Administration: Narail zila was established in 1984. The zila consists of 3 upazilas, 38 unions, 445 mauzas, 694 villages, 3 paurashavas, 27 wards and 53 mahallas. The upazilas are NARAIL SADAR, KALIA and LOHAGARA.

Archaeological Heritage and Relics: Mosque at Village Goalbathan (1654), Kadamtala Mosque, Ghazir Dargah at Naldi, homestead of Raja Keshab Roy at Wazirpur, Radha Govinda Mandir at Jorbangla (eighteenth century), Kalibari at Lakshmipasha, Math at Baradia of Nihinathtala.

Historical Events: Indigo Revolt was organised in this zila during 1859-60; in 1946 Tebhaga movement was held in the zila. Narail zila was liberated on 10 December 1971.

Marks of War of Liberation: Mass graves 2.

Main Crops: Paddy, jute, wheat, oil seed, mustard, potato, sugarcane, kalai and khesari. Extinct or nearly extinct crops are Indigo, kaun, corn, cotton and barley.

Main Fruits: Mango, jackfruit, papaya, banana, black berry, coconut and betel nut.

Traditional Transport: Palanquin (extinct), horse carriage, buffalo cart and bullock cart (nearly extinct), boat.

Main Export Items: Betel leaf, coconut, betel nut and shrimp.